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By Ruth Thorp Studio, Sep 28 2016 12:55PM

Well it's certainly been an eventful and exciting couple of months for me. Having left my sensible salary paying job at the end of July to have a go at being a full time self-employed illustrator and designer, I have been enjoying working on a whole range of creative projects. I have been indulging in some much needed “creative play” producing new illustrations to build my portfolio and to submit to magazines and publications as well as working on some really fantastic projects alongside my parents for some new products to be published by Raw Mixture Publishing soon. I am also excited to announce that I am now selling illustrated art prints in my etsy store and will continue to add to this as my portfolio grows. For the moment I am offering A4 prints to start testing out which designs are popular as wall art, but am hoping to also start offering larger printed pieces in the future. Head over to my etsy store to have a look.

Ruth Thorp Studio Art Prints
Ruth Thorp Studio Art Prints

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