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By Ruth Thorp Studio, Jun 9 2014 09:02AM

Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy by Steve Thorp
Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy by Steve Thorp
Soul Manifestos artwork by Ruth Thorp
Soul Manifestos artwork by Ruth Thorp

There are lots of projects on the go at the moment - I am trying to keep track of it all by making lots of lists, but the lists get so long that they begin to scare me, so I end up throwing them away!

Here is one that I can nearly tick off though. My very lovely Dad has written a book which will be published in the next couple of weeks and is ready to pre-order here alongside another gorgeous large format poetry book 'Trails' which has been produced in collaboration with artist Elaine Johnson. As part of a previous project together - 'Under Blood Light' - I produced some illustrations to go alongside 5 short written pieces and I have now adapted and added to these to provide illustrations and a book cover design for 'Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy'. It's so exciting to start seeing my work in print as books and you will be able to purchase both of these books and 'The Squawks' (my very first picture book) at our stall at the Dinefwr Literature Festival from the 20th-22nd June.

Here is a short description of the book or find out more here

'Steve Thorp’s small, poetic essays are written against the backdrop of conflict in modern culture, politics, economics, ecology and psychology. Each piece stands alone but together the collection coalesces into a gentle, intuitive polemic that seeps into the consciousness. The small manifestos are written for wonder, wisdom, joy, love, and openness - and for the common good. They describe an alternative and grounded response to the material world, a way in which we might live our lives with depth and soul. This is a thought provoking collection and a whole-hearted approach to the crisis facing humans on earth.'

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